Amusive Chess

Amusive Chess 3.03

Play chess against a computer opponent with various degrees of difficulty

Hone your chess skill by facing off against a computer-controlled opponent. See a list of the moves you made and undo the current move or reconsider previous ones.

Amusive Chess is a chess game simulator made by It is designed to be a web-browser game, so it is very light and compact. However, the game is also available for download, meaning that you can play it even if your computer is offline. The game board is very simple, just a 2D view of the chessboard with 2D pieces. However, it does look good enough to do the job. The whole main window has all the options you need, from the game preferences to the view options of the game. A nice touch is the movement history at the right of the screen, somehow that position seems ideal for it. Amusive Chess gives you the ability to save your games and load them anytime you want. The AI is very solid, although it may be too predefined sometimes. The main issue with the game is the way forces you to use their browser software in order to play the game. You also have to change your search and home pages just to play the game. That is a little to intrusive just for one game, though if you like playing at, that may not be so bad.

Ismael Mireles
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  • Solid 2D view and simple


  • Forces you to use MyPlayCity's browser bar
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